Access Underground Storage Tank Data from the Internet

MyTankGauge is an affordable solution for making gas station inventory and compliance information available from the web. MyTankGauge has a solution for your existing equipment that provides you with web-based fuel and compliance management. We turn the Automatic Tank Gauges that are present in nearly every gas station into Internet enabled devices.

  • MyTankGauge allows you to:
  • Monitor in-tank inventory in near real-time
  • Be notified automatically when an alarm occurs via e-mail and/or pager
  • Clear alarms from the web
  • Eliminate keeping leak test result printouts at the station. We archive the leak test results and keep an exact copy of all of the information that is contained on the printout. You can view and print these results from the web.
  • Make Compliance Forms available from the web. Any forms that are required to be kept on file can be stored and made easily accessible from the website. Examples of forms that can be kept on file for you include: Annual Monitoring System Certification Forms; UST Monitoring Site Plan Forms; Unauthorized Release Forms; etc.

Phone: 262-536-4081

  • Give us a call to see how we can help you optimize your UST operations.

MyTankGauge Benefits

  • Eliminate Runouts: dispatch tankers w/o calling stations -hourly updating of tank inventories
  • Multiple User Access Included -as many users as you need -grant users different levels of access
  • Instant Alarm Notification -via e-mail, pager, mobile phone -dispatch personnel within minutes
  • Secure, reliable, personalized access -access UST information from anywhere
  • Leak Test Results Archived -move compliance to the web
  • Works with Existing Tank Gauges -multiple options available -costs minimized
  • Uses Existing Phone Lines -dedicated phone not required -share with fax or modem line